Spirituality at the School Gate is an innovative and explorative new study grounded in the field of lived religion. It examines how intentionally engaging in spirituality makes a difference to relationships made at the school gate, and looks at the importance of compassion and encounter.

Unlike the everyday location of the workplace or the home, the school gate, which is primarily populated by women, is an overlooked, under-researched locus of spirituality.

This book reveals it as a context deserving of attention, and sheds a concentrated beam of light on what proves to be a site of rich, embodied spiritual practice. it will encourage readers to approach their daily school-gate experiences with more intentionality and appreciation of the presence of God in the everyday.

You can buy a signed copy of the book directly from me (while stocks last), by getting in touch. Otherwise it is available from Wipf & Stock directly, or from the main online booksellers, including Book Depository, Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), Eden, and others.

Thank you and I hope it enriches your life at the school gate.